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Refugee Story Maps


Dear reader,
For my MSc research I am looking for refugees who are willing to share
their story of their journey. From these stories I will make story maps, that the
participants will receive. We are doing this on the one hand to research how
social media data can be used to produce story maps, and on the other hand to
see how people can protect their privacy. Your privacy will be protected during this research, and it can be done anonymously.

Story maps are maps that depict the refugee journey in terms of major events
and places along the route. Story maps will be produced based on personal social
media data as well as on personal narratives. For this reason, we will treat your
sensitive private data with a lot of care. Every participant will receive his or
her own story map at the end of the project and can give feedback to it. The
goal of the project is to investigate how faithful social media are in depicting
refugee journeys.


If you are willing to participate and curious to find out how your privacy
is protected on social media, or know someone who does, please contact me
here, or at j.moors@students.uu.nl. For more information please see the FAQ.
Interviews can be done in Dutch or English, and within the coming 6 months.