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Quality assessment of social media geolocated posts


If you choose to participate, please read the informed consent form, and then follow the instructions below.

First, you will need to accept a sandbox invite for the Instagram API to function. You can fill in your instagram username in the box below, so that I can send you the invite. You will also need to fill in your email address, so that I can notify you when the sandbox invite is ready, and to send a short questionnaire about the results.

Instagram username

After submitting your instagram username, you will find an invite here under the name thesis.

Note: you might need to activate your instagram developer account, for which you might use this website if you wish to.


After accepting the sandbox invite to thesis, please follow this link whilst being logged into your own Instagram account. Accepting the Instagram request on the website will lead you to a webpage. Please copy the entire URL of this webpage, and paste it in the box below.

API access token
The URL will look something like this: https://refugeestorymaps.sites.uu.nl/#access_token=...