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Quality assessment of social media geolocated posts


What is the project about?

The goal of this project is to assess to what extent the data that can be retrieved from social media platforms complies with the quality dimensions of geographic data. This will lead to an evaluation on how well social media data can be used for other geographic purposes. Furthermore,the study will point out to what extent there are any privacy-related issues that can be associated with geographic social media content.

Can I stay anonymous?

Yes, every participant stays anonymous by default. Any personally identifyable information will be anonymised when writing the results. Furthermore, all data will be stored on a secure drive and will be destroyed after the project is finished.

How much time is this going to take me?

It will take maximum half an hour. At first, you will need to grant me permission to your social media content, as described here. Afterwards, you will be sent a short questionnaire that is estimated to take about a maximum of 15 minutes.